Baroque Suite is a visual-music film that invites the audience to see sound and hear images. 

Inspired by synesthesia (where one sense can interchange with another), sounds, melodies, colors, and shapes are orchestrated together in a modern and sensually ornate Baroque composition. 

— Alex Ross, New Yorker music critic

Baroque Suite has been screened on MTV and shown internationally in galleries, film festivals, and concerts.


Written and Directed by
Troy Herion & Alex Tyson

Lighting Designer
Zac Rubino

Gregory Holt
Lydia Adler Okrent
Joanna Quigley
Gabrielle Revlock
Sharif Abdulmalik


Troy Herion 

Meg Foley

Photographer & Photochemist
Kateri Likoudis

Alex Tyson

Director of Photography   Alex Tyson

Dance Producer
J. Makary

Alex Tyson & Troy Herion

Audio Engineer:
Alex Tyson



Special Thanks:
Elan Bogarin
Sarah Abanor
Cenk Ergün
Sean Mattio
Beth Beverly
Andrew & Amanda Tyson

Music Department at Princeton University
International Wow Co.

Keyboards, Guitars - Troy Herion
Drum Kit - N. Cameron Britt
Clarinets - Jonathan Russell
Strings - Rameau String Quartet

Production Facilities:
Woodshop Films
Lightroom Photo Co-op