Film Editing Philosophy

As an editor, my projects include Sundance favorite 306 Hollywood, MTV broadcasted Baroque Suite, and films for The New York Times, PBS’ Art21, The Getty, The Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA, Pig Iron Theatre, New Amsterdam Records, and many others.

My work as both a composer and editor gives me a unique perspective on the combination of image, story, and sound. It is often said that great edits have a musical feel. This is something I believe wholeheartedly. Sometimes I use music and sound as starting places, contributing rhythm and style in surprising ways. But I also believe story and dialog are musical in their own right. You can tell a good edit when the pacing is as satisfying as a favorite song - when the build up feels inevitable and the climax occurs on precisely the right beat.

Sometimes I am hired as only an editor, sometimes as only a composer, and for many projects I am both an editor and composer.

306Hollywood Poster.jpg

306 HOllywood

306 Hollywood premiered at Sundance and has screened in over 50 festivals. I was an editor and composer and also created the trailer.


baroque suite

Baroque Suite is a visual-music film I directed and composed. The film was broadcast on MTV and has screened in film festivals and galleries throughout the US.


art and culture videos

I have edited and composed for dozens of art and culture videos screened in galleries around the world for clients including Art21, The Whitney, MoMA and many others.