New York: A City Symphony is a visual-music composition for live performance of orchestra and film.

In the tradition of early 20th-century city-symphony films, New York: A City Symphony treats the living, breathing organism of the city as its subject. Featuring real-life footage of New York captured over the course of 1 year, the composition explores the abstracted urban landscape through the lens of a contemporary symphony. 

Inspired by synaesthesia—where one sense becomes intertwined with, even indistinguishable from, another—compositional ideas travel between orchestra and film in perceptible ways, achieving a larger canvas where music can play out visually, aurally, and sometimes as a new, combinative element. Colors are organized as chords, shapes move as melodies, and visual dissonances strive for resolution. 

Running time: 15 minutes

An extremely effective symbiosis of music and film...
I was at the edge of my seat.
— Frank Oteri, NewMusicBox

Premiered at Carnegie Hall

Commissioned by American Composers Orchestra

Special Thanks:
John and Barbara Wood
Donna Wood
Robert Herion
Marilyn Ontell
Lisi Stoessel
Evan Woolley
Dustin Hurt
Steven Mackey
American Composers Orchestra
Dept. of Music at Princeton University
IHUM at Princeton University

Funded in Part by:
Composers Assistance Program of New Music USA

Composer // Director:
Troy Herion

Elan Bogarin

Troy Herion & Elan Bogarin

Add'l Camera:
Jonathan Bogarin & Jamie Northrup

Co-Director // Second Interlude:
Alex Tyson

Alex Tyson