Solarized Unions is a 2008 composition based on the vitalist philosophies of Henri Bergson as described in his most famous piece Creative Evolution.

As a matter of fact, the principal source of energy usable on the surface of our planet is the sun. So the problem was this: to obtain from the sun that it should partially and provisionally suspend, here and there, on the surface of the earth, its continual outpour of usable energy, and store a certain quantity of it, in the form of unused energy, in appropriate reservoirs, whence it could be drawn at the desired moment, in the desired spot, and in the desired direction.
— Henri Bergson

Violin I: Mari-Liis Paak
Violin II: Aisha Dossumova
Bass: Matthew Roberts


Organs and Rhodes: Troy Herion
Percussion: Sean Mattio

Voice: Stephanos Tsirakoglou,  Liz Filios



Flute/Piccolo: Daniel Sharp
Clarinet/Bass Clarinet: Mami Suetsugu
Baritone Saxophone: Dan Scofield

Recording Engineer: Brian McTear

Recorded at Miner Street Studios
Philadelphia, PA